Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Johnny’s Hideaway Celebrates 37 Years of {Night}Life Lessons

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How One of Atlanta’s Oldest Nightclubs Has Survived
the Evolution of the City’s Bar Scene

ATLANTA (March 15, 2016) – Johnny’s Hideaway has been guaranteeing good times since 1979, and over the years the popular dance club and restaurant in Buckhead has raised the bar for Atlanta nightlife. Many bars in the area have come and gone, but Johnny’s is here to stay thanks to owner Chris Dauria, who has witnessed and been the catalyst for many of the legendary nightclub’s changes over its 37-year existence. In honor of the Hideaway’s anniversary this April, Dauria is spilling some of his most profitable secrets to success:

·         “It’s a nightclub, not a bright club”
The staff at Johnny’s Hideaway knows when Dauria is in the building because he’s always turning down the lights. “The darker it is, the more inviting it is,” says Dauria. “It makes the men more likely to ask the ladies to dance, and the ladies more likely to accept the invitation.”

·         “Liquor doesn’t have an expiration date”
Johnny’s is known for taking good care of regulars, and many patrons over the years have preferred some less popular spirits. “We’ve had daytime regulars who always drank Cutty Sark scotch or Old Grand-Dad bourbon, which we wouldn’t normally keep stocked but started carrying simply because they are loyal patrons,” admits Dauria. “No one is ever going to say that Johnny’s has too much liquor on hand, but they might complain if we don’t.”

·         “Ladies night always works”
“During slower times, I tried every trick to drum up business – from balloon drops filled with cash to tropical drink specials,” recalls Dauria. “But Wednesday ladies night is the only one that stuck, and we still do it today.”

·         “Everyone can drink vodka with something”
Although brown liquors such as Jameson Irish Whisky and Fireball have increased in popularity at Johnny’s in recent years, Dauria has found that all of his customers tend to have a fallback vodka drink. “If we don’t carry a guest’s first choice of drink, they usually ask for vodka mixed with something,” Dauria says.

·         “Sometimes the DJ knows best”
When Johnny’s first opened, the club played big band and swing music but finally hired a DJ who really fought with the original owners to bring in more modern songs. The DJ finally won, introducing disco tunes to the club’s rotation in the 80s, and sales skyrocketed. Johnny’s continues to use spectacular DJs who keep the older crowds happy with periodic swing and shag songs while also drawing the younger crowds to the dance floor with more modern music.

·         “We didn’t reinvent the wheel; we just have a great staff”
It gives me nightmares to think about having to replace our best bartenders, Butch and Harold, who have been with us for more than 30 years,” admits Dauria. “Our general manager has been here for 15 years, and DJ Jack is a genius. The consistency that our staff brings is the reason guests always grow to love Johnny’s.”

Johnny’s Hideaway is located at 3771 Roswell Road NE in Atlanta. For updates on the restaurant and upcoming events, follow Johnny’s Hideaway on Instagram and Facebook. For additional information, call 404-233-8026 or visit johnnyshideaway.com.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bellina Alimentari Creates Amore with Amaro

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Ponce City Market Eatery Introduces Atlanta to the Allure of Little-Known Liqueur

ATLANTA (March 10, 2016) – Bellina Alimentari bar manager Corey Phillips has a deep affinity for amaro, an Italian liqueur infused with a hint of macerated wildflowers, herbs and roots. He is hoping to help Atlantans discover the little-known liqueur’s wide flavor spectrum through the extensive selection of individual labels and amaro-based craft cocktails he is serving guests of Bellina Alimentari.

“Amaro is similar to wine in that it offers a strong sense of local terroir,” Phillips says. “No two are alike given the local herbs, roots or wildflowers that are infused. Ingredients can include orange peel, ginseng root, angostura bark and cinchona bark. The layers of flavor that come through with each sip are absolutely amazing. Few restaurants offer the wide selection we do. I want to help our guests learn to pull out individual flavors, such as cardamom or nutmeg, and sense the subtle differences.”

To help diners experience amaro’s natural allure, Phillips and his team have created a unique selection of amaro-based cocktails, including the following:

Bellina  - Dimmi, grenadine, 1821 Blackberry Balsamic, Franciacorta ($12)
Rocky Marciano - Amaro Montenegro, Carpano Antica vermouth, basil, lime, sugar ($10)
Fine d’Estate - gin, Amaro Nonino, Vya extra dry vermouth ($11)
The Bocciolo - Lazzaroni Amaretto, Aperol, Byrrh, lemon, cardamom tincture, orange flower water ($10)
Phillips is also excited about the Culinary Club "Introduction To Amaro" class Bellina Alimentari is hosting on Wednesday, March 16 from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. The $28 class fee includes a guided amaro tasting and a savory sampling of appetizers. Participants can register online.
“Amaro producers put so much time and passion into crafting each blend,” Phillips says. “I want to share that passion with our customers. I believe they’ll be astounded.”
About Bellina AlimentariBellina Alimentari, which loosely translates to "lovely specialty food store," was founded on the belief that every meal should be an amazing experience, and quality and ethics never need to be compromised in the pursuit of value. Italian food as a way of life means that each dish is tasty, fresh, whole and balanced. The menu at Bellina Alimentari changes seasonally to reflect the availability of produce from local farmers. Meat is sourced from farms where every animal is respected, treated humanely and pasture raised. Located at 675 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE, in the Central Food Hall of Ponce City Market, Bellina Alimentari is delicious, fair and affordable. For additional information and updates, visit bellina-alimentari.com, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or call 404-330-9933.


Sublime Doughnuts Satisfies Late-Night Cravings

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Enjoy the Nightlife at Atlanta Bakeshop with Crème Brûlée Doughnuts When Sun Goes Down

ATLANTA (March. 10, 2016) – Hungry Atlantans often make Sublime Doughnuts their first stop in the morning for one of the bakery’s beloved doughnuts and a cup of Octane Sublime Blend coffee, but the specialty bakeshop is also open 24 hours Tuesday through Saturday for a decadent dessert or a sweet alternative to greasy diner fare after a night out on the town.

Beginning at 6 p.m., Sublime Doughnuts goes off-menu to offer a special crème brûlée doughnut - one of chef Kamal Grant's inventive flavor combinations. Known as the “#1 Stunner,” it boasts sugary bling that's perfect for a late-night treat. Those in the know grab up the limited quantities of this sliced doughnut filled with crème brûlée, topped with gold and white chocolate and sprinkled with white chocolate pearls and sugar diamonds.

"Our customers are always VIPs to us, and we love being a place they can stop on their way home from dinner or after a fun night out to finish the evening on a sweet note," says Grant, the founder and creative director of Sublime Brands.

The shop’s regular menu of doughnuts, ice cream and coffee is also available during this time, including customer favorites like the fresh strawberries and cream doughnut and white chocolate Oreo ice cream.

Sublime Doughnuts’ flagship store is located at 535 Tenth Street NW in Atlanta’s West Midtown neighborhood. The store is open 24 hours Tuesday from 6 a.m. through Sunday at 9 p.m. For more information, call 404-897-1801 or visit sublimedoughnuts.com. Additional updates are available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Gunshow Continues Shotgun Beer Dinner Series on April 17 with Bell's Brewery

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ATLANTA (March 10, 2016) – Gunshow, chef Kevin Gillespie’s nationally acclaimed Glenwood Park restaurant, is riding into 2016 with a continuation of its popular Shotgun Beer Dinner Series. The 2016 events include four dinners featuring different craft breweries. First in the frothy lineup is Bell’s Brewery on Sunday, April 17 at 6 p.m.

This innovative dining experience offers five courses from Gunshow executive chef Joey Ward and his team paired with five beers from Bell’s Brewery. The food will be served in Gunshow’s signature style (dishes are presented on rolling carts and trays to diners), and the brewery will pour beers to match throughout the meal. 

Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Bell’s Brewery's founders believe the health of our natural environment heavily influences the craft quality of our beer. Despite its remarkable growth from 135 barrels in 1986 to over 310,000 barrels in 2014, Bell’s remains steadfast in reducing the brewery’s environmental impact and providing a farm-to-glass experience. The brewery’s commitment to quality and sustainability mirrors Gillespie’s passion for serving his guests fresh, organic and sustainable ingredients.

 “I really look up to Bell’s Brewery and the way the company has remained true to their commitment to sustainability and invested in Michigan agriculture with Bell’s Farm,” says Ward. “As a chef with a similar vision, it’s very inspiring to work with Bell’s for our first beer dinner this year, and that inspiration will certainly be reflected in the food we prepare that evening.”

Tickets are $125 per person (excluding gratuity), which includes a tasting of all dishes and beers. Seating will be at communal tables and is limited to 60 guests. Tickets are available for purchase online through Xorbia.

The remaining schedule for the 2016 Shotgun Beer Dinners includes the following:
  • July 17: Allagash Brewing Company
  • Aug. 14: Oskar Blues Brewery
  • Nov. 13: Dogfish Head Brewery

Gunshow is located at 924 Garrett Street. The restaurant is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m. Guests may park in the Glenwood Park parking lot and on the street. For more information, visit gunshowatl.com or call 404-380-1886.

For more information on Bell’s Brewery, visit bellsbeer.com or connect with the brewery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Red Beard Restaurants
Red Beard Restaurants is the parent company that oversees Atlanta chef, restaurateur, speaker and cookbook author Kevin Gillespie’s food and beverage ventures, including his restaurants Gunshow and Revival, his BBQ pop-up Terminus City and all of his merchandise. The management company allows Gillespie to set comprehensive standards to ensure smart expansion, offer more internal growth opportunities for his team members and provide consulting services to other food and beverage start-ups. With the 2015 establishment of Red Beard Restaurants, Gillespie is able to continue his day-to-day interactions with diners while also pursuing his creative visions and impacting the culinary landscape of the South. The company’s offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit redbeardrestaurants.com.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Revival Launches Georgia Beer Dinner Series on April 12 with Wild Heaven Craft Beers

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Kevin Gillespie’s Decatur Restaurant Kicks Off New Event Series Featuring Local Breweries

ATLANTA (March 9, 2016) – Kevin Gillespie and his team at Revival are breathing new life into the traditional beer dinner concept with the introduction of the Georgia Beer Dinner Series on Tuesday, April 12. For the first dinner of the series, the Decatur restaurant is hosting Wild Heaven Craft Beers for a five-course meal beginning at 6 p.m. The dinner will feature four savory dishes and one dessert prepared by Revival executive chef Andreas Müller paired with five different Wild Heaven beers.

Run by Georgia natives, Wild Heaven is an Avondale Estates-based brewery that aims to help raise the profile of beer in the South just as Gillespie has raised the profile of Southern food.

“As a proud fellow Georgian, I can really relate to what the folks behind Wild Heaven are doing to change the beer landscape,” says Gillespie. “Nick and Eric are using European brewing methods but adding something distinctively Southern, and that is the same concept behind Revival – to execute traditional Southern fare using precise culinary techniques.”

Tickets are $95 per person (excluding gratuity), which includes a tasting of all dishes and beers offered that evening. Seating is at communal tables and is limited to 60 guests. Tickets are available for purchase online through Xorbia.

The remaining 2016 Georgia Beer Dinners are:
  •         June 14: Three Taverns Craft Beers
  •         Aug. 16: Creature Comforts Brewing Co.
  •         Oct. 18: Twain’s Brewery

For more information about Wild Heaven, visit wildheavencraftbeers.com or interact with the brewery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Revival offers a proper version of the traditional Sunday dinner served family-style and executed with precise techniques. The restaurant is located at 129 Church Street in Decatur and serves dinner Monday – Thursday from 5-9 p.m., Friday from 5-10 p.m., Saturday from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Reservations are accepted but not required and can be made online or by calling the restaurant at 470-225-6770. Additional information can be found at revivaldecatur.com. For more updates, follow Revival on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

About Red Beard Restaurants
Red Beard Restaurants is the parent company that oversees Atlanta chef, restaurateur, speaker and cookbook author Kevin Gillespie’s food and beverage ventures, including his restaurants Gunshow and Revival, his BBQ pop-up Terminus City and all of his merchandise. The management company allows Gillespie to set comprehensive standards to ensure smart expansion, offer more internal growth opportunities for his team members and provide consulting services to other food and beverage start-ups. With the 2015 establishment of Red Beard Restaurants, Gillespie is able to continue his day-to-day interactions with diners while also pursuing his creative visions and impacting the culinary landscape of the South. The company’s offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit redbeardrestaurants.com.


HOBNOB Distills its Focus and Brings Bourbon to the Forefront

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HOBNOB Distills Its Focus And Brings Bourbon to the Forefront
Midtown Restaurant Rolls Out New Bourbon Menu, Signature Cocktails
and Tavern Specialties

ATLANTA (March 9, 2016) - Entering its sixth year of business in Midtown, HOBNOB has recently become a much more "spirited" place. That's because co-owner Sean Yeremyan and his team have assembled one of the most comprehensive bourbon lists in the city, featuring 35 brands of bourbon and over 60 bourbon drinks, with a plan to continually offer off-list surprises. Fine Southern additions to the menu of refined tavern fare and several decor upgrades round out the reasons to pay a visit to HOBNOB today.

“We want our guests to experience some of the best bourbon and beer that the South has to offer," says Yeremyan. "With our new drink menu, we're keeping our focus on local craft beers and putting a new emphasis on the distinguished bourbons of our region and elsewhere.  Whiskey lovers are going to find a lot to love as we span the map from Kentucky’s Jesse James Outlaw and California’s Tatoosh to South Carolina’s Virgil Kaine brands and Georgia’s own The 13 Colony Southern bourbon."

HOBNOB revelers can celebrate by ordering the tavern’s new signature cocktail, the 1551 HOBNOB Old Fashioned featuring Woodford Reserve bourbon, a lemon peel muddled with orange bitters and Luxardo liqueur. It's garnished with cinnamon and hickory root that are torched in the glass, holding the smoke inside and giving the drink a unique, smoky flavor profile.

Also new to the drink menu is the Southern inspired Charleston Brown Water Society Punch made with Buffalo Trace bourbon, dark rum, orange juice, honey and Demerara. It's a cocktail perfect for sipping on a front porch or perhaps a Midtown patio.

HOBNOB's focus on high-quality food served in a casual, friendly atmosphere continues.  Recent creative additions to the menu include the following:

  •         Dixie Dip - collard greens with beer cheese dip
  •          Duo of Spreads - hummus and goat cheese served with carrots, celery and fresh baked pizza crust points
  •          Sampler Platter - chicken tenders, fish and chips, warm pretzels with beer cheese dip, fried green tomatoes, Southern spring rolls and a sampler of homemade sauces
  •          Super Food Plate - Mother Nature salad, fried green tomatoes and sautéed seasonal vegetables
  •          Flat Iron Steak - 8 oz. choice 100% Angus steak served with Cabernet gravy, onion ring, buttermilk mashed potatoes and collard greens

For weekend warriors in search of a delicious hangover remedy, Yeremyan has added tiramisu French toast and loaded breakfast sliders to the brunch menu. Bourbon pecan pie, tiramisu and a Kahlua chocolate tufty crunch now offer a sweet finish to any meal.

HOBNOB regulars will note the restaurant's exterior has been enhanced with a border of tin roofing on the patio. Framed beer and bourbon patent documents and tabletop candles at dinner add to HOBNOB’s new bourbon-soaked farmhouse atmosphere.

Located at 1551 Piedmont Ave. NE in Midtown, HOBNOB serves lunch weekdays, dinner nightly and brunch on the weekends. For more information, call 404-968-2288 or visit hobnobatlanta.com.


Hop in for Easter Dining Specials at these Atlanta-Area Restaurants

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Sunday Brunch and More for This Year's Easter Holiday
ATLANTA (March 9, 2016) – Cute bunnies and pastel colors make their return for a rapidly approaching Easter holiday on Sunday, March 27, and Atlanta-area restaurants have marked the date for bountiful brunches and delicious dinners.  Read on for Easter Sunday dining options and other "eggstra"-ordinary events, then call today for reservations.


Atkins Park in Virginia-Highland hosts Easter Sunday brunch along with dinner specials later in the evening. 404-876-7249; atkinspark.com

The Culinary Club at Bellina Alimentari in Ponce City Market is hosting an Italian seafood dinner table  - think fish carpaccio and squid ink spaghetti with shrimp and shellfish - on Wednesday, March 23 between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Enjoy a three-course meal accompanied by three wines for $65 per person. Be sure to check out Bellina's Market for Easter baskets with sea salt chocolate, orange and lemon chocolate-coated Dragées, apricots in syrup, honey and almond brittle and vanilla black tea for $32 each, as well as a decadent candy collection. 404-330-9933; bellina-alimentari.com
HOBNOB in Midtown features brunch service from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., including bottomless mimosas for $16.95.  Dinnertime brings an Easter dinner special: ham, melted cheddar, grilled pineapple wheel and Cabernet gravy all on brioche bread with HOBNOB fries for only $13.95. 404-968-2288; hobnobatlanta.com
Downtown Atlanta visitors can join Ray's in the City for an Easter brunch buffet from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Brunch is $37.95 per adult and $18.95 for children 5-10. The regular dinner menu is served between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. 404-524-9224; raysrestaurants.com

Gather around the table at Revival for an all-day Southern buffet from 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. The feast - $39 for adults, $12 for children - features Easter favorites like lamb, ham and fried chicken in addition to seasonal trimmings and a dessert table just like at Grandma's house. 470-225-6770; revivaldecatur.com

The Southern Gentleman, located in The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, hosts brunch from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Between 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., the regular à la carte dinner menu is featured alongside chef specials for the holiday occasion. 404-939-9845; thesoutherngentlemanatl.com

Every Easter basket needs a sweet treat, and Sublime Doughnuts has just the one with its Hot Cross Bun doughnut for $2.25. This cinnamon currant glazed doughnut is available between Friday, March 25 and Sunday, March 27. 404-897-1801; sublimedoughnuts.com

North Fulton

Roswell favorite Aqua blue is hosting a brunch buffet between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. featuring carving stations, made-to-order omelets, blue ribbon sushi, desserts and more. It's all available for $34.95 for adults and $9.95 for all children under 12.  No brunch is complete without bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys, and Aqua blue has them for only $15. 770-643-8886; aquablueatl.com

Celebrate in historic Crabapple with Easter Sunday brunch at Milton’s Cuisine & Cocktails. Executive chef Derek Dollar presents a luxurious prix-fixe brunch menu from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The three-course meal includes options such as sticky toffee pecan beignets, stout beer-braised lamb and fudgy brownie mason jar. Brunch is $32 for adults and $16 for children 12 and younger. A kids menu is also available. 770-817-0161; miltonscuisine.com

Known for its award-winning Easter buffet, Ray’s on the River in Sandy Springs (770-955-1187) satisfies holiday guests of all ages between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. The cost is $45.95 for adults and $22.95 for children 5-10. Ray’s at Killer Creek (770-649-0064) is providing a buffet for Alpharetta diners from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and serving its à la carte dinner menu between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. The buffet price for adults is $37.95, and children 5-10 dine for $18.95. Ray’s Rio Bravo (770-612-2829) serves its brunch buffet between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The price is $22.95  for adults and $11.95 for children 5-10. The regular dinner menu is available from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. raysrestaurants.com

The Big Ketch in Roswell is hosting an Easter lunch to celebrate the holiday with daily fresh fish, half-shell oysters and renowned grouper sandwiches. 770-993-5749; thebigketch.com

East Cobb

Focusing on a stylish and playful approach to American cuisine, Seed Kitchen & Bar in East Cobb has a Sunday brunch menu of delicious dishes like smoked salmon, crab eggs Benedict and smoked brisket hash. Chef Doug Turbush will offer specials specifically for the Easter holiday. 678-214-6888; eatatseed.com
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Monday, March 7, 2016

Vino Venue and Smoke Ring Host Cork ‘n Pork April 17

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Chefs Daniel Rivers and Jordan Wakefield Prepare Georgia-Style Barbecue Paired with Wine and Craft Beer for Spring Festival in Dunwoody

ATLANTA (March 7, 2016) – Vino Venue, Atlanta’s one-of-a-kind wine and dine emporium, is continuing its signature Discover festival series with Cork ‘n Pork on Sunday, April 17. Chef/owner Jordan Wakefield of Smoke Ring will join chef Daniel Rivers of Vino Venue for an exciting culinary partnership featuring two tasting sessions - 2 to 4 p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m. - filled with Southern fare and sips to match.  There will be nearly 100 wines and craft beers served, with an opportunity to purchase favorites to take home.

Cork ‘n Pork is a walk-around tasting event where guests can sample beverages inside at Vino Venue (4478 Chamblee Dunwoody Road in Dunwoody) and also get a taste of the spring weather while enjoying food samples outside around the barbecue smokers.

Wakefield will be making the “Georgia-style barbecue” for which he has become famous, including classics like smoked whole hog, babyback ribs, brisket, smoked chicken, pickled shrimp, pulled pork and an array of sauces and side items. Rivers will deliver barbecue-friendly wines, craft beers and additional sides, including a build-your-own tater tot station.

“Southern culinary traditions were instilled in me at a very young age by my family, so nothing makes me happier or feels more natural to me than barbecuing,” says Wakefield. “Cork ‘n Pork is the perfect opportunity for me to share the foods that I’m most passionate about, and I’m really looking forward to collaborating with Daniel to offer Atlantans a complete culinary experience.”

Vino Venue will be curating a selection of nearly 100 wines and beers for guests to sample, and attendees will have the opportunity to purchase their favorites by the bottle, six pack or case to take home.

“Our Discover series has traditionally featured cuisine and complementing wine varieties from the world’s most distinguished wine regions,” says Michael Bryan, founder of Atlanta Wine School and managing partner of Vino Venue. “Cork ‘n Pork will take a local heirloom—our own style of Georgia barbecue—and thoughtfully pair it with a global selection of wines and local beer selections.”

General admission tickets to Cork ‘n Pork are $59 per person and include unlimited tastings of food and beverages. Those who purchase by March 15 will receive an early bird discount and can purchase tickets for $89 per couple. Additionally, all purchases prior to March 15 include an official Cork ‘n Pork t-shirt, a $20 value. Tickets can be purchased online at VinoVenue.com, by visiting Vino Venue or by calling 770-668-0435. For more information on group rates, contact Lizette Leanza at lizette@vino-venue.com.

About Vino Venue
Vino Venue is a one-of-a kind wine and dine emporium offering guests a unique, complete culinary experience. With over 50 wines available by the glass, a respectable craft beer selection and bistro-style cuisine designed for sharing, Vino Venue is just the place to discover the art and science of food and wine. Vino Venue is also home to a $100,000 chef demonstration kitchen furthering Vino Venue’s fundamental priority: experiencing the ever expanding world of food and wine. Vino Venue is conveniently located at I-285 and Chamblee Dunwoody Road (4478 Chamblee Dunwoody Road) in Dunwoody. For more information, visit vino-venue.com.

About Smoke Ring
Owner and executive chef Jordan Wakefield is a devoted fan of barbecue and Southern cuisine. Establishing an authentic Georgia-style barbecue, Smoke Ring offers a unique take on typical barbecue dishes. Smoke Ring is located at 309 Nelson Street SW in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood of Atlanta. For more information, call 404-228-6377 or visit smokeringatlanta.com.


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Foodee Expands to Atlanta Delivering Concierge-Based, Curated Restaurant Meals to Team Meetings, Corporate Lunchrooms and Boardrooms

Delivery service brings the city’s best food to offices with bowtie delivery, automated ordering, fresh local ingredients and sustainable business practices

ATLANTA (March 3, 2016)Foodee, the fresh curated meal concierge service for foodies with jobs, announced it will launch its high-end corporate food delivery service in the Atlanta market on Monday, March 14. The company focuses on delivering the city’s finest local food and has already partnered with some of the city’s leading chefs and restaurants. They expect to offer fare from more than­­ 50 top providers in the coming months.

“We are excited to continue our rapid expansion by launching Foodee in Atlanta. Our goal is to deliver fresh, local and exceptional food to boardrooms and meeting rooms across North America,” says Foodee CEO Ryan Spong. “Atlanta is home to some of America’s leading corporations and a fast growing technology hub where our delivery platform thrives.”

Fresh on the heels of its recent $6 million Series A funding round, Vancouver-based Foodee exclusively serves corporate clientele and partners with unique and popular restaurants that typically don’t deliver. The company’s commitment to provide corporate clients a seamless customer experience gives Foodee a compelling value proposition, including local account management, live concierge service, tailored menu selections, professional waiter/delivery services and a cloud-based ordering platform to ensure accuracy and on-time delivery. Foodee uses eco-friendly business practices, including a commitment to 99 percent recyclable or compostable packaging and sustainable delivery fleets wherever possible.

Companies based in Foodee’s Atlanta delivery zone are invited to sign up for a complimentary meal for up to four coworkers by registering at https://eat.food.ee/welcome-atlanta/.

About Foodee
A pioneer in the $10 billion dollar corporate catering market, Foodee is on a mission to solve the biggest problems facing the corporate lunch hour: a lack of variety, meals that arrive too early or too late and excessive packaging waste. Foodee is committed to its leadership role in eco-friendly food delivery, featuring biodegradable packaging, low emission delivery methods and in-office composting partnerships to lower the carbon “foodprint” around the corporate lunch. Since launching in Vancouver in 2012, the company has grown rapidly, establishing over 4,000 customers, over 250 restaurant partnerships, and successfully expanding to Toronto, Austin, Denver and Philadelphia. Foodee has satisfied lunchtime cravings with Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Amazon, Comcast, eBay, Facebook, Microsoft, Starbucks and more. For more information, please visit www.food.ee.

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