Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Johnny’s Hideaway Celebrates 37 Years of {Night}Life Lessons

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How One of Atlanta’s Oldest Nightclubs Has Survived
the Evolution of the City’s Bar Scene

ATLANTA (March 15, 2016) – Johnny’s Hideaway has been guaranteeing good times since 1979, and over the years the popular dance club and restaurant in Buckhead has raised the bar for Atlanta nightlife. Many bars in the area have come and gone, but Johnny’s is here to stay thanks to owner Chris Dauria, who has witnessed and been the catalyst for many of the legendary nightclub’s changes over its 37-year existence. In honor of the Hideaway’s anniversary this April, Dauria is spilling some of his most profitable secrets to success:

·         “It’s a nightclub, not a bright club”
The staff at Johnny’s Hideaway knows when Dauria is in the building because he’s always turning down the lights. “The darker it is, the more inviting it is,” says Dauria. “It makes the men more likely to ask the ladies to dance, and the ladies more likely to accept the invitation.”

·         “Liquor doesn’t have an expiration date”
Johnny’s is known for taking good care of regulars, and many patrons over the years have preferred some less popular spirits. “We’ve had daytime regulars who always drank Cutty Sark scotch or Old Grand-Dad bourbon, which we wouldn’t normally keep stocked but started carrying simply because they are loyal patrons,” admits Dauria. “No one is ever going to say that Johnny’s has too much liquor on hand, but they might complain if we don’t.”

·         “Ladies night always works”
“During slower times, I tried every trick to drum up business – from balloon drops filled with cash to tropical drink specials,” recalls Dauria. “But Wednesday ladies night is the only one that stuck, and we still do it today.”

·         “Everyone can drink vodka with something”
Although brown liquors such as Jameson Irish Whisky and Fireball have increased in popularity at Johnny’s in recent years, Dauria has found that all of his customers tend to have a fallback vodka drink. “If we don’t carry a guest’s first choice of drink, they usually ask for vodka mixed with something,” Dauria says.

·         “Sometimes the DJ knows best”
When Johnny’s first opened, the club played big band and swing music but finally hired a DJ who really fought with the original owners to bring in more modern songs. The DJ finally won, introducing disco tunes to the club’s rotation in the 80s, and sales skyrocketed. Johnny’s continues to use spectacular DJs who keep the older crowds happy with periodic swing and shag songs while also drawing the younger crowds to the dance floor with more modern music.

·         “We didn’t reinvent the wheel; we just have a great staff”
It gives me nightmares to think about having to replace our best bartenders, Butch and Harold, who have been with us for more than 30 years,” admits Dauria. “Our general manager has been here for 15 years, and DJ Jack is a genius. The consistency that our staff brings is the reason guests always grow to love Johnny’s.”

Johnny’s Hideaway is located at 3771 Roswell Road NE in Atlanta. For updates on the restaurant and upcoming events, follow Johnny’s Hideaway on Instagram and Facebook. For additional information, call 404-233-8026 or visit johnnyshideaway.com.


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