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Gunshow Team Launches Gunpowder Finishing Salt with Beautiful Briny Sea

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Gunshow Team Launches Gunpowder Finishing Salt with Beautiful Briny Sea
Chefs Kevin Gillespie and Joey Ward Team with Atlanta-Based Company on High-Powered Seasoning

ATLANTA (September 29, 2015) – Finishing touches are critical, particularly in the restaurant business.  Atlanta chef, restaurateur, speaker and cookbook author Kevin Gillespie knows this well, which is one reason he and Gunshow executive chef Joey Ward decided to take aim at hitting new heights in flavor with Gunpowder Finishing Salt.  A spice blend crafted in partnership with Atlanta-based Beautiful Briny Sea, a company that creates finishing salts and sugars for seasoning, the blend includes Hawaiian volcanic salt with chipotle, black pepper, garlic, onion, sumac and more, the tangy spice mix has a mineral clean finish with smoky, residual heat.

“Joey and I wanted to create the ultimate umami flavor bomb,” Gillespie says. “Beautiful Briny Sea offered us free reign of their entire ‘spice library’ to experiment, and we think the result amps up any dish without changing the flavor. It goes especially well with grilled meats, fried foods, barbecue or any foods lacking deliciousness." 

Gillespie and Ward had another reason for partnering with the local artisan dry goods company – it is part of their restaurant company's mission. "Red Beard Restaurants was founded with the idea to support other local businesses. Beautiful Briny Sea is a growing Atlanta company working to create great products and represent the South, and we want to play a part in that," Ward says. "Plus, the ‘Gunpowder’ we created with them is just all-around delicious; it will make your tongue wag." 

Gunpowder Finishing Salt is sold in a 5-oz. gold tin reminiscent of a BB pellet container for $15. It is available in the restaurant and online.

Gunshow is located at 924 Garrett Street. The restaurant is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m. Guests may park in the Glenwood Park parking lot and on the street. For more information, visit or call 404-380-1886.

About Red Beard Restaurants
Red Beard Restaurants is the parent company that oversees Atlanta chef, restaurateur, speaker and cookbook author Kevin Gillespie’s food and beverage ventures, including his restaurants Gunshow and Revival, his BBQ pop-up Terminus City and all of his merchandise. The management company allows Gillespie to set comprehensive standards to ensure smart expansion, offer more internal growth opportunities for his team members and provide consulting services to other food and beverage start-ups. With the 2015 establishment of Red Beard Restaurants, Gillespie is able to continue his day-to-day interactions with diners while also pursuing his creative visions and impacting the culinary landscape of the South. The company’s offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, call 404-380-1886 or visit

About Beautiful Briny Sea
Beautiful Briny Sea is an artisan dry goods company located in Atlanta’s historic Grant Park. Products are 100% handmade using locally grown herbs, foraged mushrooms and organic spices sourced from growers and purveyors guided by methods of sustainability. Beautiful Briny Sea’s salt blends, sugar blends, and gift sets can be found from coast to coast in gourmet groceries, mom and pop stores, galleries, pop-up shops as well as many local restaurants and farmer’s markets. For a catalog of products, please see here.


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